Antigravity 16 Cell Battery

The Antigravity 16-cell has MASSIVE power, it has ultra small foot print being about 4.25″ Long x 3.25″ wide x 5.25″ tall  but start bikes as big as 121 Cubic inches… This is a great battery for a Custom builders who are seeking to lower the seat or hide the battery. Or serious Adventure riders seeking more power in a small package to save room in the battery tray.

  •  480 CCA
  • 15 Amp Hours (PbEq)
  • 4.25″ Long  x 3.25″ Wide x 5.25″ Tall
  • 3.2 pounds
  • For  Race vehicles up to 2200cc
  • For Street Motorcycles up to 1700cc
  • Foam included for easy installation
Price: $346.00