Antigravity 4 Cell Battery

The Antigravity 4-cell is extremely small but capable of very high power.  It can start  inline 4-cylinder Sport bikes up to 600cc, and  is used in the AMA SX and MX Series in bikes up to 450cc.  It is also the choice for  builders of cafe bikes and customs up to 550cc . It is so small it can be tucked away almost anywhere.

  • 150 Pulse CA 120 CCA
  • 6 Amp Hours (PbEq)
  • 4.25″ Long x 1.25″ Wide x 3.75″ Tall
  • 14 ounces
  • For Race vehicles up to 600cc
  • For Street  Motorcycles up to 450 cc
  • Foam included for easy installation
Price: $144.00