Kriega Fork Seal Covers
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Kriega Fork Seal Covers

Increased service life for your USD forks with more effective protection from mud & dirt. Made from NEOSKIN (coated neoprene). Easy fit/clean, no fork disassemble required.

Tech Spec

  • Easy fit – velcro design
  • Easy clean – every ride
  • No fork disassemble required
  • Use with or without cable ties
  • USD fitment only
  • Black with silver logo
  • Universal fit


Kriega Fork Seals are extremely easy to fit, using velcro which means fork disassemble is not required. Neoprene fork seals are most effective when they are fresh and clean. Old school fork protectors are difficult to clean behind, but our design allows you to clean them every ride if you need to. They can be fitted without cable ties, but you will get increased service life by using cable ties to protect the Neoskin from the fork slider.

Top tip! Extend the operational life of the Forks Seal Covers is to lightly spray the inside with WD40 or similar prior to installing and after each cleaning. A spot of sunscreen on the outside can also help boost the in-built UV protection in certain conditions. Weird, but it works!

NB: With the full-wrap guard and the plastic rings in place, the neoprene will wear through at one point very quickly. This does not effect the performance of the Fork Seal as the hole is in a non-critical area, but it can look scruffy. Full-wrap fork sliders, as found on post-2008 KTMs and Husabergs, have a very close tolerance to the plastic dust-cover rings at the end of the fork and can wear through any brand of neoprene cover very quickly. To overcome this problem; either fit 2007-style KTM fork sliders (as shown) or remove the black plastic rings at the end of the fork and use cable ties when fitting. Regardless of which solution you choose, it really does pay to use neoprene fork covers as they make a marked difference to the service interval of your fork.

Price: $31.00

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