Kriega Hydropack 3L Reservoir
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Kriega Hydropack 3L Reservoir

Manufactured by Hydrapak for Kriega, the all-new First Wave (military spec.) reservoir is designed to deal with the heightened abuse, which may arise in extreme situations.

– 0.4mm TPU: twice the thickness of standard consumer model

– Reinforned slider closure

– Hydrofusion insulated big bore tube

– Super wide opening for easy filling outside of the rucksack

– Plug-N-Play adaptor, using dry-break, push-button technology, enables tube to be disconnected and sealed reservoir removed from pack, leaving tube in place

– Reversible for easy clean / dry – essential feature that keeps reservoir in top condition, time after time

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Never put away damp for any period of time. Complete drying is the only way to ensure no microbial growth and easy with the Kriega Hydrapak because it is the only reservoir on the market which can be turned inside-out to wash and towel and / or air dry.

Bite Valve

EasyFlo bite valve includes shut-off mech (push-in to close) and a velcro tube management component, which allows quick and easy harness location.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Designed to split into 3 parts for cleaning. Remove the soft cover. Pull apart the internal pieces. There is an indent where the slider naturally stops and you just need to keep pulling it pasy this point. All 3 pieces will go back together again and work as normal. To clean tube, a brush kit is the easiest, especially if sports drinks are put in the reservoir. Otherwise, remove from reservoir (dry-break), rinse and dry inside-out between uses. If you have to take your bite-valve out of the tube frequently, you can cut 10mm off the drink tube to keep the connection tight. Cutting tube does not have to be done everytime you take out the bite-valve.

Tech Spec

  • 3-liter (100 oz) capacity
  • Reversible for easy clean/dry
  • Wide fill (sliding seal)
  • Plug-N-Play (dry-break)
  • Insulated drink tube
  • Velcro – drink tube management
  • Quick-release buckle (backpack)
  • FDA approved polyurethane
  • Neoprene tube insulation
  • LIFETIME warranty
Price: $68.00