Kriega Overlander 60

The new Kriega Overlander soft pannier systems provide the capacity of hard cases, but none of the hassle, limitations or expense associated with that form of motorcycle luggage. And for those who already own aluminum cases, such as those from BMW, Metal Mule or Touratech etc, we offer the ALP quick-release mounting system, along with the premium quality KS-40 pannier inner bag.

The Kriega Overlander 60 is the ultimate hardcore off-road / Dual Sport / Enduro motorcycle pannier system, built for the toughest of adventures. Platform design accepts Kriega Overlander 15 packs and / or RotopaX fuel / water containers (optional extra).

Ultra secure clamps and cam levers mount to standard 18mm pannier frames from Touratech, Metal Mule & KTM Powerparts (please note KTM racks may require minor modification in order to acheive a perfect fit – contact us for details) with quick-release action for when the going gets tough.


Each Overlander 60 kit includes:

– 4 x 15L Overlander pannier bags

– 2 x Overlander ADV pannier platforms

– Alloy & stainless mounting hardware


Please note: Kriega platforms will not fit the exhaust side of Touratech Zega Pro ‘Special Set’ pannier racks for the BMW 1200GS, due to the frame’s unusual stepped construction.



Overlander Drypacks:

– 100% dust / waterproof Drypack construction

– Ultra-tough, double-stitched 1000D Cordura with reinforced sides

– Twin straps to compress the load, whatever the terrain

– Each bag can accommodate 1 x 1-gallon RotopaX can

– Soft bags offer adjustable pack size & flexibility on impact.

ADV Platforms

– Costructed from from virtually indestructable CNC-machined LDPE

– Lightweight, but does not fatigue

– Accepts 2 x 15L Kriega Overlander bags per side

– Compatible with RotopaX fuel / water containers (RotopaX are optional extra).


Cam Levers & Clamps:

– Ultra-precise & secure fixture

– Easy on/off

– Micro-adjustable

– Multi-position

– 6061-T6 aircraft-grade alloy & stainless construction.

Tech Spec

14.6″ (H) x 9.4″ (W) x 6.7″ (D) (per pack)

  • 4 x 15L packs (100% waterproof, 60-liter capacity)
  • 2 x LDPE ADV. platforms
  • 4 x 6061-T6 cam levers + 4 x fixed clamps
  • Optional 1-gallon Rotopax fuel / water containers.
  • Low weight 5.7lbs per side (platform, 2 x packs + hardware)


  • 1000D Dupont Cordura.
  • Rhinotek : abrasion resistant fabric.
  • 420D nylon Ripstop Lightweight yet extremely strong.
  • 6061-T6 alloy hardware.
  • 10-year guarantee.


Designed for ultra-secure off road performance. Kriega’s custom 6061-T6 clamps fit to platforms in various positions to clear exhaust & bodywork (platform & attached Overlander packs or RotopaX can be removed as one block).

Fixed clamps simply hook onto the lower pannier tube. Cam levers can be positioned as appropriate.

Please note: Kriega ADV platforms will not fit the exhaust side of Touratech Zega Pro ‘Special Set’ pannier racks, due to their unusual stepped construction.

Each Overlander pack attaches with 5 x unique stainless fasteners and can be removed to retro-fit 2 x 1-gallon RotopaX fuel / water containers.


Kreiga’s ADV platforms are designed to accept multiple 1-gallon RotopaX fuel / water packs. RotopaX are the highest quality containers on the market and are guaranteed to be leak free, featuring extra threads, thick walls and a sure-seal gasket that prevents the spout from vibrating loose.

Up to 8 gallons of fluids can be carried using the Overlander 60 ADV platforms (1 or 2 canisters taking the place of each Overlander bag).

Price: $1,113.00


Overlander 60 with Rotopax & US-30


Overlander 60 with ADV Platform