Kriega Rack Loop

Unique low-profile fastener fits any style bodywork, even rear fuel-tank KTM’s and Husabergs. Set of 4 x Rack Loops enables any Kriega US-tailpack from 5 – 30L can be used on a dirtbike rear fender.

4 x CNC 6061-T6 alloy fasteners with low profile stainless fastener (only protrudes 2mm below bodywork) fits any thickness of fender. Web-loop can rotate to optimum luggage hook angle.

Tech Specs

  • 4 x Rack Loops per set
  • 10mm(H) x 30mm(Dia)
  • Fits any thickness of fender.
  • Easy fit – drill 4 x 6 mm holes.
  • Low weight – 25g per loop.
  • Unique stainless fastener.
  • CNC 6061-76 components.
  • 19mm nylon loop.
  • Nylon washer.
  • 10-year guarantee


Easy fit: Drill 4 x 6 mm holes in rear fender on side panels. Drive (anti-clockwise) stainless fastener with 3mm allen key from above (Note. use low strength thread lock).

Price: $82.00

Rackloop_DESIGN_zoom__37098_zoom__78420.1338561577.900.1105 Rackloop_fitting_zoom__24767_zoom__22678.1338561578.900.1105 Rackloop_fender_zoom__75349_zoom__89454.1338561608.900.1105