Weatherproof USB Outlet

  • Direct connect to 12 VDC system (Input voltage is DC 12V +/-4)
  • Powers down to USB power requirements (DC 5V +/-0.25 and 1A max)
  • Heavy Duty All Weather Design with “Zippo” Cap Design
  • Mounting Bracket is included
  • Easy to open and use
  • Resistance again splash water, not water immerge


The compact all-weather USB single power outlet/charger provides a dependable source of power/charging capability for electrical accessories using USB adapter plug. The one-piece protection cap is new and is attached to the outlet so it is always available, easy to open and visually attractive. The all-weather straight cord is direct connecting to 12V power system. This system is engineered to power down from 12V to the USB power requirements of DC 5V +/-0.25 and 1A max. Great for all types of recreational vehicles.

Price: $20.00

Casco USB Plug